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Farnaz A. Diba Senior Mortgage Consultant

Farnaz A. Diba

Senior Mortgage Consultant

Office: 778.723.3112

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Farnaz graduated with an MBA degree in San Diego, California and with over six years of experience in: marketing, client services and being a trusted Assistant to Senior Executives. Farnaz started her position at Bespoke Lending Solutions as an Office Manager and Mortgage Associate to Senior Partners. In her previous role as Office Manager and working closely with senior partners, she gained first-hand experience within the mortgage process and understanding of a client’s full financial picture and the qualification for financing.

She believes that is it important to have a full understanding before providing a solution and this enables to provide the best plan for each client. Whether a client is purchasing, renovating a home, transferring a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage, her role was to find the most suitable-customized mortgage product. Her passion is to save time and money, both of which are in short supply in today’s world. As a forward thinker and a people person, Farnaz has great communication and is exceptional at interacting with clients. She also has an insightful outlook on the fast-moving and highly competitive real estate market of Greater Vancouver area.

Contact Farnaz directly at or 778.723.3112

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